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Hi, friends and fans! 

Thank  you for visiting my website.   I hope you find it easy, fun, 
 and interesting to wander through my photos dating back to 1940.                

Working with Elvis was the major highlight of my long and varied 
career and the photos, I think, show him at his happiest; during the 
filming of THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS his "COMEBACK SPECIAL" aired and we all know what happened after that.  And then there was the day he called me into his trailer, all smiles and beaming like the sun; he and the Colonel were making a deal to play the Int'l Hotel in Vegas.

I've also devoted a page to LONGSTREET, the one season show I did during 1970/71.  It starred the late James Franciscus and featured, in the first 4 episodes, the awesome BRUCE LEE.   I've been told by a fan that I am the only actress to have co-starred with "two kings"!  No one has corrected me so I can assume that it's true.  Lucky me!

The success of show business is all about the fans. And it's to you I dedicate my website. 

Onward and upward!    With hugs and love,     Marlyn